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I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed ~Michael Jordan
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A Champion is someone who gets up when they can’t ~Jack Dempsey

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Volleyball Specific Strength & Conditioning

      Effectus Athlete Development is now offering a new session dedicated to strength and conditioning specific to Volleyball athletes and their needs!    With the school volleyball season coming to an end, we want to congratulate all teams in their seasons and wish the best of luck to those getting ready for Provincials!      Volleyball athletes face a great challenge when it comes to preparing physically for their sport…. There are so many different seasons and they span nearly the entire year! So between school season, club season, and provincial team, when do you train? The “blackout” period that occurs prior to club season is critical for so many reasons. Just a couple of them are: to allow athletes to focus on their school playoffs without the growing distractions of club; and secondly to take a break from the game and to rest and recover both physically and mentally before committing to a busy 5 months of club!  Now, when a lot of people hear the word “rest” they think that means sit on the couch and throw your legs up. Ask an elite athlete how they “rest” and see what they say. Outside of mayyyybe a week or two of nothing, they rest by training. Mind you, they train differently to help rehab and prehab but they still train none the less. This is the period of time that’s critical for them to make sure that, when duty calls, they’re going to be strong, healthy, fit and 100% ready to get back to the grind. You don’t get this way sitting on the couch.     We are beginning by dedicated two time slots a week to only volleyball players! Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-7pm. If in high demand we may add a Saturday session. This will give volleyball athletes the chance to receive some of the best, properly planned and implemented strength and conditioning available to them!     Here’s how it works…. Sign up at absolutely any time by emailing, Adrian Honish at We will send you a couple forms to fill out and you pick a start date that works best for you. You pay for sessions in 12-session packages at a cost of $265+GST and are only charged a session when you come. They never expire and you may use them as fast or as slow as you wish (although we do encourage you try to come twice a week). When you come to your first session you will undergo a testing assessment that measures your functional performance, strength, flexibility etc as well as a body composition assessment. All of this information will be used to develop a training program that is best for you. When you show up to train, you will receive a workout that is specific not only to your sport of volleyball but also to you, your position, and your needs. While you complete your training sessions, hands on expert coaching is there to make sure you get the absolute most out of your training session.     All training programs are developed by Adrian Honish, MSc, BESS, CSCS. Adrian is head of strength of conditioning, Vice-President and Director of Effectus Athlete Development. He has worked with numerous volleyball teams including 13 years with University of Manitoba Bison Women, 2 years with the Bison Men, Canada Games teams, Provincial Teams, etc. Adrian is also an experienced volleyball coach with 15 years experience at the high school, University, club, Provincial and Canada Games levels. And to top it off he is the former biomechanist for the Men’s and Women’s National Teams. He has attended 5 Olympic Games as part of Team Canada’s Performance Technology/Analysis support team and devoted all his Grad Studies research to volleyball and vertical jump mechanics.     We encourage all volleyball players to strongly consider this opportunity for great training and to contact us today to start. Contact Adrian at with any questions or to get started.     Opportunities for Team Training and Online Training (for those out of town) are also available upon request. 

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